Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Fashion Layering

Sarah is sporting fashions from Barabara Jean Ltd. 
She is wearing: Alice & Olivia sequin shrug, top & harem pants Elizabeth & James leather & snakeskin
For a closer look at these or other Barabara Jean fashions, you can drop by the store located at 7811 Cantrell, Suite 1 in Little Rock, or you can visit their website:

Debbie is dashing in these fashions from New Traditions.  
She is wearing a Cartise ruffle neck top & leopard jacket, Lisette J white pants, pearl & rhinestone vintage-inspired necklace.
To check out these, and other great fashions at New Traditions visit the store at 1920 N Grant St # B in Little Rock.

Evin is ready for anything in these dazzling fashions from Barbara Graves.
She is wearing a Joy Joy dress with bead detail, Jade cropped cardigan and Dreamsacks black legging.
For these and other great fashions at Barbara Graves you can visit their website at: or stop by the store at the southeast corner of Rodney Parham and I-430.  The address is 10301 Rodney Parham Road in Little Rock.

Nivea is wearing fun fashions from Flirt. 
She is wearing a Raj orange tunic, Yahada acidwash legging and a Pierre Dumas leather wedge sandal.
For these and other great flirt fashions you can visit their store at 17711 Chenal Parkway Little Rock or check out their website:
Michelle with Inviting AR also had details on some great events happening in April.
  • Eggshibition, Friday, April 1st
  • Rajn Cajun, April 14th
  • Passion for Fashion, April 18
  • Arkansas A La Carte, April 21
 For more events and great fashions visit the Inviting Arkansas website:

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Rebecca Ward's Email

Every Wednesday, Rebecca Ward stops by the GMA Studio to answer your relationship questions.  With many of you multitasking while watching, we know it may be hard to grab a pen and write down her email address.  So we've put a link write here on the GMA Blog to help you get in touch with Rebecca.  All you have to do is click on the link below.  This will pop-up a window for you to send her an email.  Don't worry, this only goes to Rebecca.  No one else sees it.  If it's a question just for Rebecca's eyes, that you'd prefer she not address on air, just let her know.  We only see the emails she sends us.  Before she sends us anything she removes any details that would let us know who you are (names, towns, etc.)

If you aren't comfortable using the link above, her email address is

Again, Rebecca will be the only person reading your email.

Tobi's Design Camp Winner & Runner Up

We are happy to reveal the winners of the Tobi Fairley Design Boot Camp Contest!

Tobi and her staff carefully went over all of the entries and decided on the following winners.
We had a lot of great entries for the the Tobi Fairley Design Camp Contest, so we had to pick a 2nd place winner.  

The second place winner is...
Linda Tabor of Monticello

Linda gets a "room rescue plan" for her room.  The rescue plan will be revealed on the Tobi Fairley Blog. This do-it-yourself plan will include 5 easy steps that can make a big impact, giving your room an instant face lift. This winner can then take these tips from Tobi's blog and use them as a guide for improving her space.  
The second place prize is a concept only and no product or labor is included. It's like having one hour of Tobi's time to get her top 5 suggestions for improving your room. Value $250.00

Below are the pictures Linda sent with her entry.

And the winner is...
Tammy Dixon of Searcy!

Tammy gets to attend an upcoming Tobi Fairley Design Camp valued at $500.00.  At the 8 hour camp Tammy will learn how to lay out a floor plan with ease, pick paints like a pro, turn your inspiration into reality, create successful fabric pairings, and accessorizing with style. 

Below are the pictures Tammy sent with her entry.

Don't forget to check out Tobi's Blog for details on today's segment and more great design ideas!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baseball Gadgets for All Ages

Thanks to Jared Rogers of The Sports Authority for stopping by and sharing some great baseball gadgets for all ages.  Details on the products Jared shared on the show are below.  For more details on these or other products, visit The Sports Authority website:

1). Zip-N-Hit Pro

The Zip-N-Hit acts like a portable batting cage and pitching machine,
allowing batters to improve their skill almost anywhere The ingenious device
allows a person holding one end of the nylon cord device to "zip" the
Zip-N-Hit ball to the batter at up to 60 mph and w/ or w/o movement,
sufficient for repetition work. $24.95

2). Power Alley 360 Tee

The Power Alley 360 Degree Tee is a new take on the traditional batting tee.
It is a heavy-duty tee that adjusts easily and securely to any position over
the plate - inside, outside, low and high. 29.99

3). QuickSwing

The QuickSwing is a unique device that allows players to autofeed balls down
a chute which drops them into a hitting position in front of the user to
hit. A bounce back net is beneath the drop area for players to practice
hitting on the bounce up as well as the drop down. $89.99

4). Lightning Bolt Pro

Automatically pitches soft practice balls 30 mph 25 feet with realistic
flight.  5 second delay between pitches, to give solid repetition training.
Holds up to 26 balls at a time.  Runs on batteries or with included AC
adapter.  Helps improve visual acuity and hitting accuracy.  Angle adjusts
for different pitching location. Includes 12 soft micro Bolt Balls. Foam
balls are 5.125 inches round and weigh 0.2 ounces.  $59.99

5). Hit-A-Way

The Hit-A-Way allows players to practice their hitting over and over again
without a ball machine, net, pitcher, or even a large space. Needing only a
vertical object, such as a pole or tree, to use, the Hit-A-Way functions
like a tether ball, allowing players to hit the ball and have it wrap around
the vertical foundation and unwrap to the hitting position again in the
space of a couple seconds. $29.99

6). Hit-A-Way Jr.

The Hit-A-Way Jr. consists of a portable pole with attached wrap around
ball, allowing younger children the chance to have fun learning to hit a
ball. The Hit-A-Way Jr. easily converts to a tee with two different height
options, giving your future all-star two ways to have fun. $29.99

7). Hit-A-Way PTS

The Hit-A-Way PTS is a portable batting trainer consisting of a sturdy
pop-up/collapsible pole with attached ball that twists back to the hitter
like a tether ball, allowing players to hit the ball and have it wrap around
the pole and unwrap to the hitting position again nearly immediately. Ball
height is easily adjusted anywhere along the 5 foot pole base. 149.99

Ava Bella Spring Break Relief Giveaway

Having the kids at home was great, for the first half of the week, but after a full Spring Break, most parents feel like they need a break.

Today Melinda was at Ava Bella Day Spa in Little Rock showing some great ways to relax and pamper away the stress.

If you would like to win your own trip to the spa, Ava Bella would like to give you a facial & pedicure. 

All you have to do the enter to win is leave a comment with the answer to this question:

What is the first thing you do when the kids go back to school after Spring Break?

Don't forget to include your name and contact information so we can tell you how to get your prize.  Don't worry, only the GMA staff will see your information.

We will draw a winner from all of the comments on Wednesday's GMA.

For more information on all of the great things Ava Bella Day Spa has to offer visit their website:

Adoptable Pug

For details on this lovable adoptable pug contact the North Little Rock Animal Shelter.

6500 North Hills Blvd
North Little Rock, AR
(501) 834-2287
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Monday, March 28, 2011

Aluminum Show Ticket Discount!

We are happy to announce a special discount for KATV viewers to get tickets to "The Aluminum Show" for 1/2 price!  This discount will apply to Tuesday or Wednesday shows only.

All you have to do is mention/type the keyword "KATVTV".

To use this special KATV viewer discount:
  • Call (501)244-8800 or (800)982-ARTS
  • Go to Celebrity Attractions Little Rock in person at 300 S Spring St # 100, Little Rock
  • Online at

For more information on "The Aluminum Show" visit Celebrity Attractions Little Rock's website at the link below:
Click Here For The Celebrity Attractions Little Rock Website

Grocery Shopping Money Saving Tips

Thanks to Keisha & Sonya from Central Arkansas Mocha Moms for coming on today's show and bringing us these great tips for saving at the grocery store. 

How to Save Money on Groceries
1)      Utilize Coupons
a)      Paper Coupons- Can be found in the Sunday newspaper, in the mail, online, at the grocery store
i)        The following are websites that allow consumers to print paper coupons:,,,
b)      e Coupons- coupons that can be loaded directly onto a shopping card, such as a Kroger Card
i)        once coupons are loaded onto the shopping card and a consumer buys an item for which they have loaded an e-coupon onto their shopping card, the amount of the coupon is automatically subtracted from their total
ii)       The following are websites that allow consumers to add e-coupons onto a shopping card:,,,
iii)     The websites listed above are great for people who have a difficult time using paper coupons
2)      Review weekly sales ads
a)      Try to buy items when they are on sale vs. when you run out.
3)      Always make a Grocery List for at least a week of groceries
a)      Knowing what you need to buy for the week prevents you from spending money on unnecessary items.
b)      It also prevents you from making multiple trips to the grocery store during the week.
4)      Know the stores coupon policy
a)      Ask if coupons are doubled,  if they accept competitor coupons (coupons with another stores logo), if they match advertised prices of their competitors
5)      Utilize websites and blog that show you great deals available at store in you area
a)      There are websites that show consumers what items are on sale at specific stores and also match theses items to coupons that are available to maximize savings.
b)      The following are websites that show consumers what deals are available at stores in their area:,,,,


Create a new email address to begin using to receive emails on products that you use or would like to begin using

Find the websites of the products that you use and purchase or would like to purchase.  If there are no coupons listed on the website, try leaving a comment or email to the company telling them how wonderful the product is for you and your family.  Or if there is a problem that you find with the product that you use to use, then email the company to let them know.  Most of the time, they welcome the feedback (whether negative or positive) and they will send you coupons or samples to get you to continue or reconsider using the product.

Subscribe to the product website to receive special offers

Utilize facebook for coupons and samples of products that you like or use by clicking the like button and becoming a fan of the page

Ask stores that you shop in regularly how often they mark down items and when they do it (if it’s on certain days). 

Include a small group of friends to help you and you help them keep up with sale items and upcoming sale items
Shopping for items on clearance and stocking up on those items is a way of saving money also.

You can also find out more about Central Arkansas Mocha Moms on their website: 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Patti Labelle Tickets

Since we didn't get to this on air, we have 2 tickets to see Ms. Patti LaBelle at the Statehouse Convention Center TONIGHT!
To win just be the 7th person to leave a comment with your name, phone number & email address (don't worry, no one but the GMA Producer will see your information).  We'll be in touch with you shortly for instructions on claiming your tickets.  

Remember the show starts at 7:30, doors open at 6:30 so make sure your calendar is open this evening.
Good Luck!

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Monday, March 14, 2011

National Fix-A-Leak Week

March 14 - 20 is National Fix-A-Leak Week. 

Mark Brown with the Pulaski County Cooperative Extension Service stopped by to share some tips for saving water, and money, around your house.

Thanks for coming in and providing us with the information below Mark!

The average house can waste up to 10,000 gallons of water per year from household leaks inside and outside the home

Central Arkansas Water will be giving away 400 low flow shower heads, 150 rain gauges, local plumbers will help low income homeowners.  For more information customers need to cal CAW customer care center at 501-372-5161 or visit

Remember to check your sprinklers and water hoses!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Tax Season is Here!

You have just over one month left to file your taxes.

If you are among those still putting off filing, or have filed and have questions, we have your guy.

David Stell of the IRS will be on GMA Wednesday morning to answer your questions. 

If you can't call in, feel free to post your question here (yes, it can be an anonymous comment) and we'll answer it on air.

Fat Tuesday...Did You Know...

Most of you probably know today is Fat Tuesday.  

What is Fat Tuesday?  

You can visit to find out more about the celebration and the history.

But, do you know the meaning of the baby in the King Cake?  Many people are a little confused and try to get the piece with the baby, or in some cakes the bean.  

Vanessa of Whole Foods was kind enough to bring us a king cake this morning.  

Inside the box we found a 2-side card with the meaning of both.

Happy Fat Tuesday everyone!

5% Giving Day at Whole Foods

Today Vanessa Barranco of Whole Foods was in the kitchen making this wonderful Pan Fried Tilapia with Salsa Fresca & Polenta.

She also shared information on a great event happening at Whole Foods this Thursday.  It's the 5% Community Giving Day for Women & Children 1st.  It's all day Thursday (8am-9pm) at Whole Foods Market in Little Rock.  

Whole Foods is located at 10700 North Rodney Parham Rd. in Little Rock.  Their phone number is 501-221-2331, or you can visit their website at:

International Women's Day

Today people across the world are celebrating International Women's Day.

For more information on this day visit:

If you'd like to see the video and pictures of Heifer CEO Pierre Ferrari's recent trip to Nepal or video of other amazing women across the world, you can visit Heifer's YouTube channel at:

Monday, March 07, 2011

Youth ROCK Orchestra

What do you get when you combine high school students, a former TSO member, and the Point 94.1?  


The Youth ROCK Orchestra!

The POINT 94.1's Youth ROCK Orchestra with the Mark Wood Experience will take the stage at the Robinson Center in Little Rock this Thursday, March 10th at 7 pm.

For more information on the orchestra or for ticket information visit their site:

Friday, March 04, 2011

Blackened Chicken Salad

With Mardi Gras just around the corner, we decide it was time to fill the kitchen with cajun food.  Today Alan Bennett made Cajun Crab Cakes on air.  This blackened chicken salad would be a great compliment to those, or a good healthy stand alone meal.

You'll need
3 lbs of chicken breast
1 Tablespoon of Tony Chachere’s seasoning
7 Tablespoons of Redfish Magic total (most is for marinate)
1 ½ teaspoons of White Pepper
1 ¼ cup Mayo
7 Tablespoons of Pickle Relish
7 Tablespoons of vegetable oil (for marinate)

To Make

Coat uncooked chicken breast with vegetable oil to coat evenly on both sides

Use all but 1 Tablespoon of Redfish Magic to sprinkle on both sides of each breast to season


Grill or Pan Sear marinated chicken breast until the internal temperature of chicken reaches 165F

Let cool & dice into small pieces

Mix cooked & diced chicken with remaining ingredients (Tony’s, White Pepper, Mayo, Pickle Relish, and remaining Redfish Magic)

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Sugarland Ticket Giveaway!

At the end of today's show we mentioned a chance to win 2 tickets to see Sugarland at Verizon Arena would be on the blog today....

Here it is:

To enter to win the 2 tickets to see Sugarland at Verizon Arena Friday, March 4 all you have to do a correctly answer the question below.  Much like the weekly contest on the Pam's Pick Blog, you must include your contact information and your answer.  Only your name and answer will be published.  All correct answers will be in the drawing, which will take place on Good Morning Arkansas Friday morning.

Good Luck!

Sugarland Trivia Question

On which of the following tours did they not serve as the opening act:
  1. Sun City Carnival Tour
  2. Love on the Inside Tour
  3. Long Haul Tour
  4. Goin' Coastal Tour

Don't forget:
  • You need to post a comment with your answer
  • Your comment must include your contact information
  • Only your name and answer will be posted
  • All correct entries will be in the drawing on Friday's Good Morning Arkansas
  • You have until 7am Friday, March 4 to enter!

Penguin Point Grand Opening!

This is an exciting weekend for the Little Rock Zoo...

it's the Grand Opening of the Laura P Nichols Penguin Pointe!

The event starts Saturday at 10am the general public, but zoo members get a sneak peak Friday.

For a complete list of events and times visit:

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Prom Wristlet After Pictures

This is the prom wristlet made by Chris Norwood of Tipton Hurst
Once the flower is gone, the lucky girl gets a bracelet or 2 to keep forever.

For more information visit your local Tipton Hurst,
or go to their website:

Review the Revue

We had great music on today's show from some of the performers taking the stage at The Rep's "Review the Revue." 

It's happening March 2-12 at The Rep located at 601 Main St in Little Rock.

For tickets you can call:

Or you can visit The Rep's website at:

Tickets are $20 for all seats, so go enjoy the show!