Thursday, December 22, 2011

Women & Children First Holiday Wish List

If you are planning to attend Christmas with Pamela at Porters, don't forget to bring a couple items to help the folks at Women & Children First. Below is a list of their needs. So go enjoy a night of music and help a good cause at the same time!

Women & Children First Holiday Wish List
  • Gift Cards (Target, Kroger, etc.)
  • Toilet Paper & Paper Towels
  • Diapers & Wipes
  • Bath Towels
  • Twin Sheets, Blankets & Bed Pillows
  • Socks & Underwear (all sizes)
  • Liquid Hand Soap
  • Swiffer Sweeper Wet Mop Refills
  • Lysol Disinfectant Spray
  • All-Purpose Spray Cleaner
  • Dishwashing Tablets
  • Women's Deodorant
  • Dixie Cups
  • Disposable Dishes & Silverware
  • Batteries (all kinds)
  • CFL's (regular & candelabra)
  • Family Friendly DVD's

Friday, December 16, 2011

DIY Gift Ideas: Jewelry & Home Decor

Hey guys we'll add steps and pictures for the great DIY gifts Angie shared a little later. For now, here's the video from the segment.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stocking Stuffer Giveaway

After an amazing 2 weeks of you giving, we'd love to give you a chance to take home one of many fun prizes. 

We will continue adding to the list of items as products come in.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment with your name and contact information. The comments are not published.

Here are some of the items up for grabs:

Thanks to Hasbro for sending us:
Bop-It! XT 
Yahtzee Flash
Connect 4 Launchers
Cranium Brain Breaks
Thor Lightning Hammer & Thor Helmet
G.I. Joe U.S. Army Paratrooper

You can find more info about all of these products at

We've had the pleasure of Leo Honeycutt of Bruce Foods cooking up several tasty dishes this holiday season. The folks from Bruce Foods & Cajun Injector were kind enough to give us a could Grilling Kits to include in the giveaway. For more information on Cajun Injector products visit

Another great gift you could win from the folks at Origins. This is the “Ginger To Go and Stay” set.

 For more information on all of the great Origins products you can find them on Facebook at or list their website

Larry Clark with Staples stopped by a few weeks ago and left these fun flash drives. They are all 4GB flash drives and we have several different styles up for grabs. For more information on all Staples has to offer, or to find the location nearest you, visit their website

Jennifer Pyron of Little Rock Family Magazine was kind enough to leave some items from her "Tween Gift Ideas" segment. For more information on all the fun things Little Rock Family has to offer, check out their Facebook page:  
Jordin Sparks "Because of You" Perfume

Tattooed by Inky Fragrances (for girls & boys)

OPI Glimmer Wonderland Nailpolish

The guys from Evolve chipped in several $100 gift certificates.

Our friends at Massage Envy threw in facial & a massage to help fill your stocking!
For more on all of the great serves Massage Envy has to offer, check out their website:

We also have several bags of G.H. Cretors Popped Corn. This would be a great treat for everyone, but as a bonus, this is a gluten free snack.


In addition to the $100 Gift Certificates, Evolve gave us a stack of wallets.

The folks with Reuse Jeans are giving one lucky viewer a free pair of jeans. 
Here's a link to their website with more information:

This could make a great gift, on a gift. It's Gift Wrap That Grows! This gift wrap is pretty on the present, then you plant it and have pretty flowers to look at. For more details on this product visit:

And, Augusta from B. Barnett brought us a bag filled with goodies! 
She gave us beauty and facials galore, all to pass along to you!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Home "Spa" Gift Ideas

At home "spa " gifts!! 
These are incredible gifts- and affordable!

Bath Salts:
In a large glass or metal bowl, stir together...
2 cups Epsom Salt or Dead Sea Salt - or 1 cup of each (Do not use table salts, they will dry out skin!  And when using Dead Sea Salt, which I prefer, be sure to remove any dark pieces that may have slipped through processing.) 
1-2 teaspoons of baking soda, if desired (Makes skin soft.)
10-12 drops of essential oil (Lavender is best for a relaxing bath, Vanilla and Eucalyptus are also fabulous!)
You can also add a small amount of food coloring paste (the kind used for cake decorating) if desired, but it's not necessary. Not to much though- you don't want to stain your tub!
After you have stirred the salt really well ( the more you stir the more the wonderful scent begins to come through!), pour into pretty glass jars and attach lids.
For the Glass Jars... 
Use clean mason jars, baby food jars, or even spaghetti and jelly jars.  They are all perfect for homemade bath salt!

Relaxing Bath Soap
Foaming Vanilla Honey

1 cup sweet almond oil (light olive or sesame oil may be substituted)
1/2 cup honey
1/2 cup liquid soap
1 TBS vanilla extract

  • Measure the oil into a medium bowl, then carefully stir in remaining ingredients until mixture is fully blended.
  • Pour into a clean plastic bottle or glass jar with a tight-fitting stopper or lid. Shake gently before using.
  • Use desired amount in the bathtub :under running water

Bath Jellies

Jellies: These can be made as luxurious home spa goodies or they can be packaged for the kids (set with toys inside). Great gifts!

3/4 cup water
1 envelope unflavored gelatin
1/2 cup liquid soap (unscented–use shower gel, hand soap or bubble bath)
*Essential oil (choose your favorite–a few drops)

  • Bring water to a boil, remove from heat then slowly stir in and dissolve the gelatin. Slowly add liquid soap and stir to mix. Add essential oil, stir well.
  • Pour liquid into a clean clear jar or container, seal and refrigerate overnight.
Once the mix gels, it’s ready to use. Just add a spoonful under running water in the tub for a bubbling treat (a tablespoon or two will do).
*If you wish, you can skip the essential oil and use liquid soaps that have a fragrance.
Notes: Use within a few weeks. Keep refrigerated and airtight to avoid mold.

If DIY isn't your style, visit the Ava Bella Day Spa website for gift-able spa treatments (or a little present for yourself!).

Friday, December 09, 2011

Girl With Dragon Tattoo Sneak Preview

December 19
Rave Colonel Glenn
Little Rock

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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Holiday Thoughts from Rebecca Ward

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

Start your engines!  The holiday season is upon us! While many of us still have turkey breath, we will be dragging out Christmas trees, ornaments, wreaths and all the other seasonal jewelry to begin our annual version of “decking the halls.” It’s what we do. We may be tired of it or even dread some of the boring and frustrating parts of the process of getting our homes presentable for holiday moments but most of us still adorn and bejewel to honor the month or so of seasonal  revelry…or not. We don’t “revel” a great deal here at my house  any longer but we do have several small gatherings of friends and family and I like my house to look festive and smell great.

I recall with some amusement my earlier years as a holiday fanatic and shake my head wondering what in the world was I thinking? Long before Thanksgiving, I had ordered my Christmas cards and had my gift list completed and many gifts bought, wrapped, and tagged! No moss under my youthful tootsies! Within hours after Thanksgiving  faded into a fridge full of leftovers,  the transformation from pumpkins into themes of Christmas had begun.  By midnight on Friday, my house was done! Wreaths on the door, tree trimmed with lights shining, and familiar seasonal artifacts, candles,  and ribbons spread throughout the place.

Back then I would start the baking duties…something I’ve never particularly enjoyed or been adept at. It was something I did because Mother and Grandmother did.. Christmas baking…cookies, fruit breads, plus fudge and divinity. There were always those little round tins which were saved from year to year to be filled with cardio-diabetic-glucose paralyzing foodstuffs we only eat sparingly today. Somehow during the holiday season, I guess we thought we had corporeal amnesty and license to scarf down sugary-buttery goodies with no ill effects. Life was simpler then, before we knew how we were killing ourselves with food!

Oh, I have so digressed. This blog today is to help you NOT put yourself under such stress that you can’t enjoy the month of fun you have ahead of you. What I’m suggesting is you look at how you put pressure on yourself or perhaps let others put pressure on you and see if it’s all really necessary like Christmas cards or Christmas newsletters.  Some years ago, I decided that Christmas cards could be replaced by New Year’s cards I could send sometime in January when the world was dark and cold and Christmas mania was past. That was one task deleted.  When I bought gifts, I let the merchants who were kind enough to offer wrap those gifts and that saved lots of time.  I learned how to honor my friends and family with gifts in their honor to a worthy organization which helped a whole bunch of folks and took a lot of the angst about what to buy or what color and size.

Instead of “What to buy”  we might ask ourselves “Should I buy” with the economy so tough right now. A gift of your time is priceless so you might offer to babysit, or run errands for someone who could use the help, or set aside some time for coffee and a visit. Baking cookies is a treat for most people and that can be a gift that is not so expensive in goods but priceless in the making.

Holidays are not the time to bring up old issues or look for opportunity to clear the air or resolve an old hurt. If you’re with your family, go, eat, mingle, and then go home. This is not a summit meeting, it’s Christmas dinner. Keep it simple.

That’s the best advice I guess: Keep it simple! In every way, look for a comfort zone so  a Merry Christmas can be that for you too. Unfortunately, our Christmas celebrations have long ago turned into an economic event and a marketing bonanza more than a season to celebrate a precious birthday with family and friends. Isn’t that so sad?

Rebecca Ward