Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Rebecca Ward's Thoughts on Back To School

Thanks to Rebecca Ward for sharing her thoughts on Back to School.

Though it's been many years since school bells ringing meant much change in the routines of my life, I still have some nostalgic feelings at this time of year. There is something about the shift in the shadows of the trees and the subtle difference in the hum of early morning that signals the lazy, restful days of summer are ending and the busy days of autumn are beginning.

My newspaper has been heavy with Back to School advertising, another signal that summer is winding down and autumn is beginning its appearance.  While at winter's end I think I can never wish for dark days again, the long, hot days of July and August make me yearn again for the cool shorter days slowly coming in September to arrive in earnest by mid October. Football talk has begun and tonight the Dallas Cowboys play Miami in a pre-season game that starts weekend football until the first of February. Football practice is beginning across from my office, another signal that school is about to commence and with it, structured time and activities. No more sleeping in, staying up late, catching lightening bugs, swimming by moonlight, and wearing flip-flops and easy cotton clothes. "Summertime, when the living is easy...." I've always loved that song.

Summers generally are easy, don't you think?  Our humidity and heat encourages easy cool
dressing, not so much to coordinate and put on. People seem healthier in the summer months and look healthier too with no indoor pallor and some slight color from the frequent sun. Flu doesn't thrive in the heat and not being cooped up together in warm houses seems to discourage viruses from spreading too. Yep, summertime is just easier...if your air conditioning functions well.

As I said before, my routines won't change much. Morning traffic will get a little hectic with school buses running and parents getting kids delivered but that's about it. However, when school starts, it does mean the seasons are about to shift and pumpkins and candy canes will
start appearing meaning after Labor Day we've got the Holidays!

 Ah, THAT'S how school bells get to me.....School starts and then it's Christmas....with brief stops at Halloween and Thanksgiving!